Photo essay: Port Elizabeth beaches

  • 23 May 2014

Sky, sun and water meet in Port Elizabeth. Enjoy this photo essay that we've put together. It's sure to soothe your soul.

port elizabeth, beach, nelson mandela bay, sun set

A romantic sunset. Photo courtesy of tbsnwrth

port elizabeth, beach, nelson mandela bay

Families enjoy a lazy day at the beach. Photo courtesy of flowcomm

summerstrand, receeding wavesport elizabeth,nelson mandela bay

As if going back forever, a wave recedes. Photo courtesy of tbsnwrth 

port elizabeth, beach, nelson mandela bay, sun set, pigeon

A pigeon appears entranced by a fiery setting sun. Photo courtesy of max_sees_thinks

port elizabeth, beach, nelson mandela bay, hobie beach

Hobie Beach continues to be a popular attraction. Photo courtesy of flowcomm

solitute, fishing, port elizabeth, nelson mandela bay

A person fishes in magnificent solitude. Photo courtesy of speckled jim  

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