Port Elizabeth's Utopia - St George's Park

  • 30 June 2015

Nelson Mandela Bay often provides us with the most gorgeous weather for one to participate and visit public areas such as St George’s Park. The park provides such diverse facilities that can be utilised whether it is of a sporting nature or just a venue to enjoy fresh air and stunning natural surroundings to laze around in.

Seated areas and natural gazebo's are spotted all around the park.

The park was established in 1860 and consits of 73 ha. of well managed and luscious green environment with a variety of plant specimens and trees.

Open spaces and play areas for children


Jungle Gyms in St Georges Park

St George's Park provides many open spaces for picnic areas; children’s play areas and is also a great park for strolls around the botanical environment or to kick back with the Sunday morning paper or a good book.





Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum

For those looking for a more cultural and artistic activity you can find the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum that consists of two buildings on either side of the park entrance. The Mannville Open Air Theatre is situated within the park  and one can keep a look out for performances and acts that take place there from time to time such as the annual Port Elizabeth Shakespearean Festival.

St Georges Park Cricket Grounds

The fit and sporty need not fret as St Georges Park has any jogger’s ideal route. During the summer months St Georges Park swimming baths are open to the public and here one can find an Olympic size swimming pool and diving board. These are specially popular when cricket games take place at The St Georges Park Cricket grounds and sporting fans need to cool down.

Pearson Conservatory which is situated there for the cultivation of exotic plants

St Georges Park cricket grounds are the oldest in South Africa and was the venue for the first test match played outside Australia or England in 1889. St George’s is also home to the Warriors who are the local cricket team.

Also found at St Georges Park is The Port Elizabeth Bowling Green Club, the oldest lawn bowling club in South Africa and has been located in St George’s Park since its founding in 1882. Just a short distance away one finds the tennis courts and clubs which are available for the not so serious but the more casual player as well.

Pearson Conservatory

Very popular as one keeps exploring through the lush green park is the Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial, Pearson Conservatory and the Port Elizabeth Cenotaph. The Pearson Conservatory is a blissful and peaceful visit where you can experience and see the cultivation of exotic plants.

Water feature n the Pearson Conservatory

Amazingly all these features and more are found in a utopia in the middle of our city away from all the noise, hustle and bustle just for us to relax and enjoy.

St George's Park ponds and features

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