10 iconic spots to take #sharethebay Instapics

  • 14 July 2019 | By Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

Port Elizabeth is undoubtedly picturesque, but which spots show-off the city the best? With far too many options to choose from, we asked local Instagrammers to share their favourite spots to #sharethebay and the results were as diverse and fun as the city itself. 



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The Baakens Valley is one of our favourite places in Port Elizabeth. It's this wonderful mix of creative minds, fit energy, and delicious food. If you're like us and love to #SupportLocal then this is the spot for you.




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There are so many things I love about the Donkin Reserve. Here are five things I really love about this spot: 
1. It offers the best views of our city
2. It lies in the Central District of Port Elizabeth, surrounded by historic city sights 
3. The amazing visual artworks 
4. The unique urban design
5. Getting a true sense of our Rainbow Nation as you walk around the center of our city




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I love the airforce museum as I have a lot of childhood memories there. We used to go and watch the air shows as a family. 
I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible planes and their history. 
I chose that specific spot to take a photograph, with my dad’s airforce cap, as he was on the team that started the restoration project on the Oxford (the plane behind me). It was a trip down memory lane going back!




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The King's beach skatepark is vibrant, it gives off that big city energy, with the tall palm trees, the walkway with the vendors. It pretty much always a buzz, with creativity. From the vendors, the skaters, people shooting (photography) for various reasons.  It's an attraction. It's the Miami of South Africa. (Picture: el.herve)




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What I love about Shark Rock Pier is the mixture of peace and pride that comes with being there.
When you look forward, the crashing of the waves and beautiful sky just transport you to a whole different world. 
When you look back, you're able to see a part of our beautiful city and the people who make it home. (Picture: el.herve)



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Since I'm a Performing Arts Student, I just love the arts in general. So it's just a thing for me to take pictures in front of graffiti walls. Plus for me it's not just taking a picture in front of a graffiti wall, for me it is kinda giving respect to the hard work the artist has done and showcasing the arts in PE to my followers and the world. (@luna_pikinini)




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Besides the beautiful aesthetic and the convenience of the location, I just love that Donkin village is fast becoming a hub for local businesses. It has the potential to become something more, something really incredible




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What I love the most about the Donkin village is the overall feel. The buildings make for such interesting photos and the public art (like New Horizon, which is two metal oxen pulling a wagon) is something new for port Elizabeth - the colourful buildings make for amazing photos as well.



I think the arts and craft village at the Boardwalk is a gem which is often overlooked. Those artists have amazing work to showcase and when you walk through there you see great craftsmanship. The place is different and it's set up beautifully to get beautiful pictures. The lighting isn't too bad in there either.



The beach at Schoenmakerskop is the perfect place for a picture because you have a vast amount of empty space with YOU as the prominent features. It allows you to be the most interesting point of focus that will give the viewer a place for their eye to rest. Plus let’s be honest, the beach is a VIBE.



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Sardinia Bay is my secret gem to show anyone who is not from PE not only for its absolute beauty and one of a kind place to take those epic sunset pics, but because they never believe that a City can boast such an epic piece of coastline on the outskirts of our urban landscape. It's a place I go to recharge and let go. It's seen all my emotions from anxiety to happiness! And EVERY single time we are there on those dunes, we capture a different emotion in her beauty! No two photo's take at Sards are ever the same, but yet you'll recognize a photo from Sards when you see one - no matter the angle or subject.

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