10 Most Instagrammed Spots in the Bay

  • 10 May 2017 | By Anje Rautenbach

Nelson Mandela Bay is a one-stop hub in South African where you can enjoy wildlife, history, adventure, culture, nature, beaches, the city life and even mountains.  Between the borders of the Bay there are multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences just waiting to be explored and ready to be captured.

Over 10 000 Instagram photos roam around in cyber space under Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism’s official hashtag, #ShareTheBay, and one thing is certain: the Bay is photogenic from every angle!

Here are some of the Bay’s sights that get featured on Instagram the most:

#1 Shark Rock Pier

Shark Rock Pier is synonymous with Port Elizabeth’s beach front. We see it everywhere and even though at least one photo of the Pier a day is bound to pop up on Instagram we just keep going back for more and more. Shark Rock Pier has been captured with drones, during sunrise, at night, in monochrome, from left, from right, from the bottom and with a creative flair, it is Instagram-worthy and very photogenic.


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#2 Addo Elephant National Park

The Bay is proud to be home to the big seven thanks to the numerous reserves like Kragga Kamma Game Park and national parks right on our doorstep. It is easy to understand why Addo Elephant National Park with its 600 elephants is so Instragram-famous; what can be more fun to photograph than a herd of elephants playing in the mud? Did you know that Addo Elephant National Park is the Park with the highest occupancy rate in South Africa?

#3 The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment Complex

The Boardwalk Casino is definitely not your typical casino and instead of putting on a poker face the casino puts on a face of fairy lights, elegance and romance reflecting the Victorian regency era.  Whether you are snapping the magnificent structure from the beachfront or getting up close and personal with the colourful fountain display, the Boardwalk is always camera-ready!


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#4 Donkin Reserve

There is a view of Algoa Bay, there is the most beautiful mosaic floor, art installations, a pyramid dedicated to the woman who gave her name to our town, there is Nelson Mandela, the voting queue, the biggest South African flag, the historic lighthouse and more art installations. What is not to love? The Donkin Reserve gets featured often on Instagram and it easy to understand why people from all walks of life love this iconic site in Nelson Mandela Bay.

#5 Beachfront

We have three blue flag beaches – THREE – and when the sun is out there is no rest for the camera shutters in the Bay to capture the beauty of our pristine coastline, the dolphins, the sunrises, sunsets, tidal pools, sharp rocks, the dunes, lighthouses, marine life, the surfing, swimming, diving and kiting. One of the most famous beach shots is definitely the wooden walkway which forms part of the Humpback Dolphin Trail.


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#6 Valley Market

The Valley Market – as well as Baakens Food Truck Friday and the Goodnight Market – are firm foodie favourites for the people of the Bay; it attracts thousands with its unique local food exhibitors and dynamic vibe.  The foodie culture in the Bay is just getting bigger and better, just look at the culinary adventures of A Girl Named Kez, Food in PE and Instaeats PE. No wonder people can’t resist to tweet before they eat, or in this case: snap before they eat the wrap or Instagram before they try the lamb.

#7 Joff’s Street Art

Joff’s Street Art has brought a lot of colour and inspiration to our lives, from his multiple murals in the area of Baakens Valley to the art on Street Cred Chef to the one at Something Good.

#8 Cape Recife Lighthouse

The Cape Recife Lighthouse truly understands the concept of “Lights, camera, action” and this lighthouse – one of the oldest in South Africa - has seen its fair share of hashtags and flashes. Besides the famous beacon of the Bay, the Cape Recife area also boasts rich natural diversity and if you’re lucky you might even spot the Cape clawless otter.


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#9 PE from above

It is not easy to resist the air hostesses’ demand of “switch off your phone” if you are flying into or out of Port Elizabeth Airport; the bird’s eye view you get from the window seat is simply marvelous and if the clouds and sun play along it is marvelous on steroids.


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#10 St. Georges Park

St.Georges Park is one of the city’s green hearts and it has seen numerous matric farewells, engagements, weddings and families gathering for photo shoots and picnics. The lush gardens, the rays peeking through the trees and the magnificent Pearson Conservancy structure of lines, symmetry and light are featured all over Instagram.  And then of course, there is also the other famous side of St George's Park, the cricket stadium; it staged the first Test to be played outside England or Australia in 1888-1889 and in 1969-1970 it hosted the final Test before South Africa's 21-year isolation. Snap, crackle, cricket! Go for a walk in the (St. Georges) Park.


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Remember to share your photos of Nelson Mandela Bay on Instagram; smile, say cheese and use the #ShareTheBay hashtag!

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