Domestic flights to Port Elizabeth: How to get here this summer

  • 14 January 2015 | By Roy Barford

There are several South African airlines that fly to Port Elizabeth Airport every day, and the recent launch of new low-cost airlines, means that it is also now even more affordable to visit Nelson Mandela Bay.

flying to port elizabeth

Photo courtesy Andre W

Airlines that fly to Port Elizabeth include South African Airways, MangoFlySafair and Kulula

FlySafair is South Africa's latest low-cost airline and offers daily flights to Port Elizabeth from both Cape Town and Johannesburg from as little as R400. 

From Johannesburg there two flights a day (leaving at 05h30 and 18h45 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as two flights a day (leaving at 06h00 and 15h25) on Saturdays. Flying time on this route is 100 minutes.

FlySafair flies from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth twice a day during the week, with flights departing at 05h45 and 13h45. On Saturday, there is a flight at 06h45 and on Sunday, one at 07h45. The flight duration between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth is 80 minutes.

A useful website for finding the cheapest flights to Port Elizabeth is SkyScanner.

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