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  • 18 April 2014 | By Lethabo-Thabo Royds
port elizabeth beach

The sunny beaches of Nelson Mandela Bay

The warm Indian Ocean waters meet the shores of Nelson Mandela Bay along a vast shoreline, making our beaches some of the warmest in the country.

The best time to visit is during the summer months (from December to February). Outside of Europe, South Africa was the first country to adopt the Blue Flag programme and two of South Africa's many Blue Flag beaches are right here in Nelson Mandela Bay. The programme aims to increase positive environmental practices and raise environmental awareness among local and international beach-goers, as well as promote good beach management.

port elizabeth beach

Photo courtesy of Flowcomm

King's Beach (pictured above) is one such beach. Its Blue Flag status means that you can enjoy your time at King's Beach knowing that it has met the strict criteria of the Blue Flag programme. Near the beach are go-kart racing and a miniature golf course – perfect for some family fun before hitting the warm waters of this popular beach. There are lifeguards on duty, and there is a fantastic selection of restaurants along the promenande.

Next to King's Beach is Humewood Beach (pictured above). Humewood beach, the other Blue Flag beach in the Bay, is quieter than its Blue Flag neighbour. It also offers great shade and is a family favourite because of the nearby Happy Valley amusement park, which offers fun for the whole family. You could play a game of chess on a large chessboard, or spend some time under one of the large palms.

nelson mandela bay beach

Photo by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

Hobie Beach, near Shark Rock Pier, offers fantastic bodysurfing, sunbathing and swimming opportunities. It is also walking distance from the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World which where visitors can enjoy a light show in the evenings. 

Further along the coast is Sardinia Bay, another local favourite. This beach is a great place for walking and horseriding, and it is not unusal to find people at this beach with their pets. There are also picnic facilities here, so be sure to bring a basket with you for a lovely beach day.

Here are a few Instagrams we love that were taken at some more of our fantastic beaches.

This was taken at Algoa Bay:

This was taken at Pollock Beach (also known as "Pipe"), which is a favourite for surfers:

Whether you visit one of our Blue Flag beaches or one of our other great beaches, you are guaranteed a lovely day.

Which is your favourite beach in Nelson Mandela Bay? Tweet us your answers and any photos you have.

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