The Valley Market - Port Elizabeth

  • 03 July 2015

The Valley Market takes place on the first Saturday of the month.

The Valley Market commenced earlier this year, 2015 and has been a popular market ever since.  The locals look forward to the first Saturday of the month so that they can do their special monthly shopping.

A variety of cupcakes to choose from.

Cupcakes with a variety to choose from, bakers probably have sleepless nights thinking of what creative designs they can come up with or they spend the night before icing those yummy looking cupcakes.  Looking at these miniature cakes one feels like buying at least one of each flavour or type of designer cupcakes.

The Valley Market is for all to explore.

It was good to see families spending time together and preparing good food together.  The children were very excited to be part of the experience and they sure were excited about the experience as they embraced the wholesome time with family and market dwellers. 

Fresh flowers tend to be very popular.

The flower stand was once again another popular stall. So come and purchase flowers for any occasion. Available in artistic bouquets or single stems, flowers really do brighten up any market.

Fresh fruit and vegetable.

Fresh fruit and vegetable produce to choose from. The colours are so bright which makes you want to munch on them immediately.

Fresh fruit ready to eat.

So a healthy snack of fruit is prepared and available to eat as you decide what else you would like to purchase whilst strolling through the markets offerings.

Homemade drinks to quench the thirst!

Homemade cold drinks are made to suit your flavour so why not see what's on offer.

Paella on a large scale.

Olé for the seafood paella which is a famous Spanish dish. It takes skill to cook this dish in such a huge pan. The aroma that came from this stall made it worth the wait.

Fresh meat products also available.

The taste of fresh salami and other meat products is a spoil for choice.

Tasting or testing the product?

Tasting helps to either make up your mind or confuse your taste buds and then you can't decide what it is that you want to buy so close your eyes and forget the budget; even if it is just for that moment. So why not test and taste from confectionary items, decadent chocolate, olives, pestos and so much more.

Friends meeting friends.

The Valley Market is not only where you take old friends with you but also where you have the opportunity to bump into and make new friends. So remember that you have a date with the next Valley Market on the first Saturday of the month.

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