Be part of a photo EXHIBITION in the Bay!

  • 10 August 2016 | By Anje Rautenbach

Are you a keen Instagrammer? Or maybe a photographer? Or you are not a photographer but you take beautiful photos? Or perhaps you are a creative, with cool ideas and even cooler shots?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then listen up.

You can be part of an exciting EXHIBITION!

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, in collaboration with Colours of You SA, invites you to share the Bay through your lens on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #ShareTheBay and #ColoursofYouSA.

Ever since the launch of #ShareTheBay – an innovative digital campaign which encourages locals to share their experiences in the Bay – social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter is abuzz with images representing unique experiences in the Bay from the people of the Bay. Prizes were won and there are still more prices up for grabs, but now, there is one extra twist that you can't miss out on!

What’s in it for you besides standing a chance to win some amazing prizes?

Well, you stand a chance to be chosen to exhibit your photos during Tourism Month (September) at Port Elizabeth's Athenaeum - the community hub for the emerging creative industry in Nelson Mandela Bay.

You, yes you - the one with a phone in your hand pounding in those hashtags or the one with the camera slung around your neck - can become the Bay's next big thing! If this doesn't loudly scream 'opportunity' to your creative eyes, then just think about it like this:

You + The Bay + Your Photos = Exhibition = Opportunity.

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and a few industry professionals will choose 10 people to share a selection of their photos of Nelson Mandela Bay – showcasing the beauty, nature, people, heritage, culture and city – at an exciting exhibition that will be visited by the public, stakeholders and tourism officials.



To stand a chance to exhibit your photographs, you simply have to:

Share your photos, talent and creativity on social media to stand a chance to showcase your view of Nelson Mandela Bay in terms of our heritage, culture, city, nature and the people of the Bay.

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism will announce the names of the selected 10 on the 22nd of August and will also be responsible for the printing costs of the photos.

All you have to do is: share a photo, attend the exhibition looking all fancy and dressed up, invite some friends, family to view your work at the Athenaeum during Tourism Month im September and enjoy the honour of being a selected exhibitioner of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism's first photography exhibition driven and inspired by the online community of Instagram.

The exhibition will not only be an opportunity for you, but it will also be an opportunity to give back to the people of the Bay. The photographs will be up for sale and all proceeds will go towards Umzobo Wam, a local non-profit initiative that supports South African children in sharing stories of township life through art and photography.

If you are not one of the selected 10, don’t fret or fear, fame is near. Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism will also choose, print and put up hundreds of photos from the #ShareTheBay and #ColoursofYouSA hashtags to make you, yes you - the one with a phone in your hand pounding in those hashtags or the one with the camera slung around your neck - part of the exhibition. These prints will also be up for sale and proceeds will go towards Umzobo Wam as well.


Important dates to remember

  • 4 – 19 August: Submit your photos on Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtags #ShareTheBay and #ColoursofYouSA.
  • 22 August: The names of the 10 Exhibitioners will be announced via the social media platforms of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Colours of You SA.
  • 30 August: Official launch of the exhibition and Tourism Month.
  • 1-30 September: Exhibition open to the public at the Athenaeum in Port Elizabeth.

Be proud of Nelson Mandela Bay, be part of Tourism Month 2016 and share the Bay through your lens.

Submit your photos on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #ShareTheBay and #ColoursofYouSA until the 19th of August.

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