5 Reasons the Bay’s fallen in love with Jack’s Bagels

  • 09 May 2018 | By Kerryn Botha

Jack’s Bagels is a new, trendy little bakery, situated at the Bloomingdales Lifestyle Village in Walmer. They serve up scrumptious food, coffee and juices but the biggest draw is the delightful bagels – perfect in every way. Here are 5 reasons why Nelson Mandela Bay simply loves Jack’s Bagels and if you haven’t tried them yet, why you will too.



You’re greeted with a smile.


The staff is incredibly friendly, so whether you’re visiting for the first time or a frequent visitor, you’re sure to feel right at home. They certainly do our Friendly City proud.



It’s centrally located.


Whether you’ve just finished your shopping and worked up an appetite, running between meetings, fetching and carrying the kids, it’s just minutes away.You can also just call and collect, further adding to their convenience factor.


They’re local.


Supporting local business is imperative in order to grow our beautiful city. So much heart and soul is being put into brands across the Bay and Jack’s Bagels is no exception. You feel it from the moment you walk through the door – it’s something special and you’ll certainly be back for more.



They’re priced just right.


With money having to stretch further, it’s nice to know you can treat loved ones to a delicious meal without breaking the bank, but not compromising on quality. The food is delicious, which brings about the last, but most important reason…


The food is scrumptious!


They have a variety of toppings. All kept perfectly simple to showcase the true hero – the bagel. The bagels are first boiled before they’re baked, ensuring the end product is anything but dry.



If you’re not a bagel fan, rest assured they do have other dishes available. Don’t let a previous encounter with a bagel deter you, Jack’s Bagels are unlike any others you’ve had before, so give them a try.


Have you been to Jack’s Bagels yet? Share your experience in the comments below.



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