Coffee for a Cause

  • 14 December 2016 | By Anje Rautenbach

Don't let anyone tell you that coffee is not good for you.

It's comes from a tree for bean’s sake.

Coffee is a beneficial necessity and now, thanks to a first of its kind in Nelson Mandela Bay, coffee does not only benefit you but it can also benefit those around you.

We are not talking about how you drinking coffee can relieve stress and take away the “approach with caution pre-caffeine” disclaimer and help those around you.

No, no, no.

We are actually talking about really contributing to the greater good of humanity by indulging in a cup of coffee.


Enter Coffee for a Cause

Coffee for a Cause

Coffee for a Cause is a specialty pop-up coffee shop, the first of its kind in Nelson Mandela Bay, which uses all profits for social upliftment through the Red Band Barista Academy.

Coffee for a Cause is well-known in the Bay thanks to its participation at the Valley Market but now you don’t have to wait for market days to join the cause, you can visit them at their pop-up shop at the Boardwalk (next to Wakaberry at Hobie Beach’s entrance) and indulge in their artisanal coffees, yummy treats and of course, the world’s newest Instagram sensation, Coffee in a Cone.

If you don't know what Coffee in a Cone is, or if you haven't tasted it yet, then you are missing out. Your mouth is missing out, your stomach is missing out and your soul is missing out on the coffee-and-chocolate-romance.  South African, Dayne Levinrad from Johannesburg’s The Grind Coffee Company, is the brains behind Coffee in a Cone and he trademarked and patented the concept for international contribution. The Cone quickly became such an international sensation that even Jennifer Lopez shared it on her Facebook Page, calling it a “world-wide viral product”.

Everything you see in Port Elizabeth’s new coffee shop has a story and purpose behind it. The set up and shop fit of the coffee shop was done by the Love Story Woodwork Team that helps homeless men get off the street through the building of pallet furniture and on the café’s walls you can find the striking images of one the Bay’s best street photographers, Craig Anderson, on canvas on sale and all proceeds will go to the cause.

Coffee for a Cause uses all its profits for social upliftment through the Red Band Barista Academy. The Red Band Barista Academy was formed to give back to the community and to educate and empower unemployed youth; they train youth in the skill of coffee pouring and latte art and they’ve trained 70 new baristas to date and the majority of the baristas have found employment at local coffee shops.

If this doesn’t give you a desire to get caffeinated for a good cause, then read on.

The Red Band Barista Academy was formed and run by Shaun Aupiais (The Coffee Guy), Ryan le Roux and Jessica le Roux. The course offered by Red Band Barista Academy takes places over seven weeks and focuses on job-readiness (which includes work-ethic, being of value to the employer, being professional and financial literacy), barista training (from learning about the history of coffee to making hearts on top of cappuccinos) and doing shadow work in local coffee shops.

The Red Band Barista Academy has changed people’s lives, one cup of coffee at a time. It has given hope and a new life to the unemployed and when you read the stories on the walls of the coffee shop in Port Elizabeth of just how lives have been changed you are humbly inspired by the vision of the Red Band Barista Academy.

Coffee for a Cause – The Details

At Coffee for a Cause prices start at R10 (espresso) and it goes up to R35 (Slo-jo Freezos and Coffee in a Cone). You’ll find all your coffee favourites there from a good old Americano to Café Mocha, Iced Coffee, Hot Chocolate and a few more.

Coffee for a Cause is open 7 days a week, from 09:00 to 21:00 and it is situated at the Boardwalk, Shop 45 (next to Wakaberry at Hobie Beach’s Entrance).

Now you know what to say if someone tells you that you should stop drinking coffee because it’s not good for you…

It’s good for everyone.

Drink up.

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