• 28 January 2016 | By Mikaela Oosthuizen - Miss SA 2016 finalist

Walking along Kings Beach is the best therapy.


I have a confession. I am a serial busy-body. My life's motto is that you can become the star of the hour if you make the minutes count. I've always believed that he who is afraid of doing too much, does too little and so I usually struggle to find that ever illusive "switch-off" button they rave about in self-help books. There is however one sanctuary for me, and to my great pleasure it is just down the road, the sea.

Enjoying the view from Hobie Beach.

During a recent filming session of my home-story profile where the Miss South Africa team wanted to film an in-depth look at my daily life to help the public get to know me as a finalist, they asked me two questions: where I spent most of my time, and where I would choose to spend most of my time. My subsequent stroll along Port Elizabeth's sandy beaches fell into the latter. Seeing the joy of the filming crew (all Gautengers-poor souls) at the mere touch of a dilapidated wave, gave me renewed appreciation for the greatest source of inspiration, comfort and joy in Port Elizabeth.

Filming my home story for my #RoadtoMissSA journey.

I have taken up the duty, as a proud Port Elizabethan, to appreciate our great coastline a little bit more - step by step.

I love sharing the moments I am able to capture in the Bay.

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