Why Nelson Mandela Bay is the bomb

  • 03 December 2015 | By Alan Straton - www.MyPE.co.za

Nelson Mandela Bay is blessed with scenic African beauty - environment and people which are two of the greatest assets to tourism.

Watch any one of our locals engage with a foreign visitor to our shores - their pace slows and they listen to the halting questions which are always answered with a smile and arms gesticulating to all points of the compass as our local swells with pride whilst pointing out just where the best, secret  and most scenic spots are to be found.

The ABYC has an active sailing programme that takes full advantage of the great conditions in Algoa Bay. ABYC President Sean Wiseman greets you in the name of sailing. Image: Alan Straton


My patter to visitors to our fair city goes as follows:

We are the Friendliest City in Africa - careful or you will be invited to dine with all and sundry.
We have the best beaches in Africa - clean, long and mostly safe for swimming.
We are the gateway to the Big Seven all in a Malaria free area.
We have the most forward thinking Metro in terms of renewable energy.
We have the best bay for Sailing and associated Watersport in the country, if not Africa.
We are the only city with two ports within spitting distance of each other.
Within 5 minutes of my home I can walk in the forest, take in a show, walk on the beach, go sailing, go shopping and - when I was younger - drop both of my children off at school.
Our lifestyle is one that cannot be beaten.

And did I mention that we have water and are not in the grip of a drought?


We took two German tourists to the Africanos JBC Affaire in Kirkwood recently. Here Chiara samples Bacon Biltong. Image: Alan Straton


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