Exploring Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre

  • 06 October 2015 | By www.justellabella.co.za

I have a confession to make…

Despite living in Uitenhage I only ventured into the  NMB Science and Technology Centre recently!

All ages get to explore at the Science and Technology Centre


I could kick myself!!! The place is flippen amazing!

The Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre, is housed in a beautifully renovated heritage building in the heart of Uitenhage. It has a 3600sqm Interactive exhibition area which is divided into  Automotive, Electrical, Construction, Momentum, Sound  and Game sections.

Fascinating and educational - even for the not so tall.


We took Aidan to check out the exhibitions (sometimes I think we just had a child so we could use him as an excuse to try out fun things aimed at children without people giving us strange looks) and we weren’t disappointed.

Although he didn’t really understand what the guide was talking about, he had a blast!

The look of wonder in his eyes as he saw the different exhibitions and was allowed to build a house in the construction site, test out momentum and even float above ground as they demonstrated air pressure was priceless.

Interactive activities for public to try out makes the experience more interesting.


Aidan is still too young (and his mom too scared) for some of the more challenging experiments like the climbing wall or being strapped into a machine and twirled around, but we tried out almost everything else. From Rob making a range of house hold appliances work with a bicycle to challenging each other in the game section.

Learning so much can be exhausting! Good day out for the entire  family to enjoy.


The Science and Technology centre specialises in group outings and offers presentations in both physics and chemistry.

“By offering students and other individuals classroom demonstrations in a full Chemistry and Physics laboratory, the experience in Science is enhanced to a unique level. The learner can grasp the complexities of what was only shown in a handbook and was difficult to understand. By means of exposing the learner to the actual experiment, the unknown becomes the more familiar and therefore less frightening. This mysterious world known as Science”.

Fascinating colours, learning and fun at affodable rates.


The centre is currently running a holiday program which has kids learning about science through a range of group activities similar to Amazing Race they also often host film evenings and hosted the National Science Week for the third year running recently.

At R10 entry this place is a underutilised gem! It also happens to be free with the NMB Pass.

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