Why I Love Nelson Mandela Bay #MyNelsonmandelabay

  • 23 November 2015 | By Theo Klaas

I’m often asked by a lot of “out of towners” about why am I still in Nelson Mandela Bay? And they are often shocked when I tell them that this city has a lot to offer for day time and night patrons for a young person like myself. One thing I have realised is that, Nelson Mandela Bay will never be Joburg or Cape Town and this is one of the reasons I love being here.

I’d like to think that I have a hectic social schedule and having an open mind often helps with staying enticed and having a great time. From partaking in mini wine tastings from esteemed wine makers into taking part in out-door excercise activities and having a great time with friends at the popular Stanley Street in Richmond Hill, its just evident that this city is never dull and humdrum.


Fun, loving and outgoing - Theo Klaas


Just recenlty I came accross another hidden gem just on the out-skirts of Nelson Mandela Bay towards Jeffreys Bay on the N2. This was such a great find. Cross-Ways is apparently an ideal place for a Sunday trail ride or cycle and finish the day off with a scrumptious lamb-shank prepared by the chef owner. On my second visit I was delighted to see a lot of farmiliar faces who braced the 15 minute drive to this destination.

This is one of the reasons I love PE. We have these under-rated and rare finds which are in most cases are the best the city has to offer  to its visitors and locals. The convenience of being from one spot to another in no time is another added benefit. This is always a calloquy when meeting up with friends from out of town. One could be in Summestrand from Richmond Hill within 8 minutes. I could be having brunch at VovoTelo and late Champagne and Sushi lunch at Fushin to watching a game of soccer or rugby at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium and end off the evening with some beer tastings at Beer Shack.


Theo Klaas 


Personally, going out for me is an experience. Therefore it may not neccessarily be an expensive adventure.  Just recently I had 4 rounds of good wine, a light meal and still enjoyed some good music at only R180.00. This is what makes this City special. One needs to go off the often frivolous trails of the expected and explore different options.

Let me share a light blague, I often say to people having a great time in Nelson Mandela Bay is equivalent to having an affair. Location Location and Location.  From attending a business type-like function to a sport event and a diners function, is evident that Port Elizabethans arent scared to have a great time. I could always tell if there is a shindig taking place somewhere. And those are often the best. We’ve all heard the stereotypes waggling their tongues on how boring it is in PE, or nothing big ever comes to PE, sadly those would be the people who would’nt support anything local.

PE for many is not just a city. She is home to the most adventurous. She is the location to some of the world’s most acclaimed sporting events. She is a safe nest to the world’s most feared but loved species. She is the furtherest down the tip of Africa to the Indian Ocean and no-one else could compete with her. She doesnt fracas and this is why many call it home. And this is why I love my Nelson Mandela Bay. #MyNelsonmandelabay


The iconic Shark Rock Pier

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