Escape the heat and cool off in the Bay

  • 22 March 2017 | By Anje Rautenbach

The summer’s sun is holding on for dear life to Nelson Mandela Bay; temperatures are still on the rise and autumn is not moving any closer (well, not yet).

We have no choice but to keep ourselves cool, calm and collected.

But what do we do and where do we go in the Bay to not melt into a puddle of summer right next to road?

Here are 10 ideas of things to do to escape the heat and cool off in Nelson Mandela Bay

Explore our tidal pools

Why not explore the Pollock Beach rock pool or the tidal pool at the Willows Resort and Conference Centre.

Indulge in a cocktail and a view

Visit one of the Bay’s beachfront restaurants and cool off with fruity cold cocktail.

Put some ice on it

Travel to the winter wonderland of Baywest Mall's Ice Skating Rink and test your balance on the state of the art rink while having peace of mind that you and your family are in a safe and secure environment with medics on standby.

Did someone say milkshake?

Grab a seat and order a milkshake! We’ve heard only good things about the newest milkshake trend called, “Monster Shakes” (a milkshake with everything from cookies to cake on top and inside of it). Try out Roco Mamas’ and Grassroof’s shakes.

Head to the beach

We are very fortunate to have three blue flag beaches right at our finger tips! Take a dip and cool off!

What about an indoor pool?

Cool off at an indoor swimming pool. The Newton Park Swimming Pool is an Olympic sized heated (25º - 28º) indoor swimming pool and has hosted its fair share of swimming championships and events.

Go to the beach but swim in a pool

If swimming in the ocean is not for you but you still want that ocean view then why not dive into McArthur Pool and Leisure Centre or Splash Water World and slide into a whole lotta fun in the sun.

* If you are using your pool at home please remember to be water wise

Have a cold one

Not many drinks can beat the summer heat like a cold beer and in the Bay we have a few of our own breweries and also restaurants selling craft beer hailing from all over South Africa.

Explore the public swimming pools in your area

All around the Bay there are public swimming pools offering residents the chance to cool off without travelling too far for a well-deserved dip; Get wet; whether you are living in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage or Despatch.

Get active with water sports

In the Bay of plenty there are also plenty of watersports to choose from. You can learn how to dive, how to surf, go on a boat trip or even go kayaking. 

*The Nelson Mandela Bay Pass will come in extremely handy if you want to dive and/or surf (and don't forget about the other adventure activities on offer with the NMB pass too).

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