The Bay, the Breweries and the Beer

  • 30 November 2016 | By Anje Rautenbach

Not many drinks can beat the summer heat like a cold beer; whether you like it light, gold, dark, flavoured, extra bitter, next to your meal or with a little bit of cheese on the side.

There are more than 130 microbreweries scattered all around South Africa and Nelson Mandela Bay is no stranger to the industry. The Bay is home to a large variety of home-brewed ales, pilsners, lagers and stouts and while breweries such as Bridge Street Brewery, Richmond Hill Brewing Company and Dockside Brewery offer a glimpse into the life of a micro-brewery for locals and visitors alike, restaurants in and around the Bay are also riding the golden wave of craft beer by stocking specialties and favourites from all over South Africa.


Tasting Beer: Step by Step

Did you know you should never drink an ice cold beer since the coldness has the ability to mask some of the flavours? Well that’s according to the experts and the beerologists suggest you follow these steps when tasting a beer:

1. Look at the beer’s colour and consistency.
2. Swirl your beer gently in the glass to pull out aromas and slight nuances.
3. Smell your beer and let olfaction guide you.
4. Taste your beer and let it wander in your mouth for a moment before you swallow.


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Following through with step 1 to step 4 and not just going straight to step 5, which is: drink it, can be a daunting task on a hot summer’s day.

If you need to escape from the fun in the sun, opt for some class in a glass and say cheers at one of these local restaurants dedicated to serve you beer from boutique breweries from all over South Africa, right here in the Bay.

Bottoms up – Craft Beer in the Bay

Bridge Street Brewery

Sip a cold one on the banks of the Baakens River where Bay favourites like the Celtic Cross, Bowman Cider and Valley Light are brewed. They say that their “range of craft beers and artisanal ciders offer you a variety of taste profiles”.

Where: 1 Bridge Street, Brickmakers Kloof, Port Elizabeth.

Beer Yard

Beer Yard is situated in the trendy Richmond Hill and offers more than just a hand-picked selection of craft beer, they are also known for their “honest to goodness burgers”.

Where: 1 Cooper Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth.

Beer Shack

Whether you want a view of the ocean and enjoy a cold one on their deck or settle into the cosy beach bar lounge, you can be sure of one thing: here you will get “Craft Beer without with pretentiousness”.

Where: Dolphins Leap Centre, Marine Drive, Port Elizabeth.

Company Social Brasserie

Company Social Brasserie originated in Menlyn but it didn’t take long before this restaurant spread its wings and landed on the shores of the Bay. The restaurant is all about the social vibe and social dining, they offer patrons the opportunity to “indulge in the finest range of beers on tap”.

Where: 49 Beach Road, Humewood, Port Elizabeth.

Dockside Brewery

Dockside Brewery with its slow-brewing method is well-known for their original beers, beer bread and unique flavours as they experiment with licorice root, chilli, raisins, rooibos and beetroot. Their brewery is built on a simple philosophy, “Everyone dies but not everyone lives, so live your dream, live your passion”.

Where: The Grand Hotel, Belmont Terrace, Central Port Elizabeth.

Richmond Hill Brewing Company

Hob on over to Upper Valley Road where the  “beer loving bru's with a taste for good beer, a young brewery and a dream to create some beer greats”, perfect their craft.

Where: 102 Upper Valley Road, Port Elizabeth.

The Bru Bar

When they say, “beer meets pizza, falls in love” they don’t kid around. Visit The Bru Bar not only for their fine selection of craft beers but consider joining one of their beer bus tours for functions or stay a while during their comedy and pizza nights.

Where: 161 Heugh Road, Walmer.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Did we miss your favourite craft beer spot in the Bay?

Why not comment below or follow the social route: upload a photo to Twitter or Instagram of your favourite beer spot and remember to use the hashtag, #ShareTheBay!


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Written by Anje Rautenbach, travel blogger at Going Somewhere Slowly. Follow her journeys around South Africa on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  

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