Finding Adrenaline in the heart of Addo

  • 01 February 2016 | By Rebecca Oloo

Addo had always been an elusive place that I'd heard of but never quite ventured into,  I had browsed and looked and told myself that someday I would go and that someday was the end of January.

Having done my ground work I was already excited by the videos and stories my friends had told me about Adrenalin Addo. A giant zip line, sounded like fun.  Seemed a lot less daunting than leaping off a bridge, but we will deal with that adventure later.


Tranquil atmosphere among nature and the citrus valley.


I was blessed with the perfect sunny day, no clouds in sight and the temperature eventually reached 32 degrees and rising. The thick humid, hot air didn't deter me from this adventure. Eventually at noon, in my most comfortable chinos and vest, we were off on the N2, heading out to Addo. Moving from solid roads onto a narrow bumpy terrain and eventually off onto gravel. The sun rose higher and the heat squelched on. The idea of wearing my sneakers at this point was frightening. With a bit of luck and good navigation, we found ourselves right at Adrenalin Addo's doorstep, slowly tracing ourselves into the car park. We had arrived and were eagerly ready to take on the zip line.

It's situated in a beautiful serene valley, where fun literally meets nature. The pathway towards reception was littered with beautiful flowers and wet grass, bit of pebbles just to give its necessary touch. Bianca received us at reception and from then on, we signed our forms and were taken across to the next room to get strapped up.

Bianca is ready to welcome you at the Adrenalin Addo Reception.


Funny enough, it never quite crossed my mind how much gear was being loaded onto me. It got heavier and heavier as the kind gentleman loaded more straps, weights and latches onto me. That's the point where I looked up onto the top of the hill and saw two people squeal out and race down into the valley from the zip line. I swallowed hard, had butterflies in my tummy but was sure as excited to get there. That's when Lee, our guide told us, "You have to hike up to the top!"

The hike up the hill is not as tough as initialy anticipated and the guide is very informative about the area.


Well obviously, how else would you get there, but in all honesty, with the heat scorching, I had hoped a breeze or ten would make this easier. We then walked over to the little stream nestled at the cradle of the small valley, hopped onto a makeshift ferry that had me realise, I had no sea legs but my balance was completely off. Luckily enough the guide had us with a hop, skip and step on our path up the hill. The path itself was quite easy to navigate and before we knew it, we were right up the top.


Safety checks are done all along the way and this is the final harness check before the leap.


Another friendly guide greeted us with such anticipation, making you feel like throwing yourself into the valley is the best decision you have ever made all year.  And so it was, after a thorough check for safety, he hooked us up and I was the first to be hurled straight down into the valley. In more than 5 seconds, it was done. Halfway through the zip line, after the adrenaline has raced through your body, you actually realise, that was darn unbelievable. The view is impeccable, and for a moment, you forget that you're hanging on a rope off of a cliff. Right to the end the speed wakes you up and catches you safely to land.

View of the citrus farms from the top.

As soon as I got unhinged I wanted to do it all again. Suddenly the hike up didn't seem so bad and the nerves where completely swopped out for adrenaline. We couldn't help but talk about how amazing the zip line was. The adrenaline rush still pulsing through our veins and food was the last thing on my mind.

Safely landed and ready to do it all over again!


Walking back into the main reception, we noticed the large hanging swing and the guides insisted that we had to give it a go. Seemed harmless enough, so we did. The moment that I personally started to question what was just about to happen, Bianca hopped into the bakkie and tugged a rope until we were extremely high up. Before I could process what was happening, the swing was let loose and I screamed louder than I have in my entire life, followed with a giggle and more adrenaline. IT WAS AMAZING!! The surge and the thrill are an inexplicable experience that literally had me weak in the knees. This was a great time to laugh and head on over to the River Song Cafe and have our meals.

River song Cafe with light meals to enjoy while reliving the advetures of the day.


The options were two types of tramezzinis with mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto. Whilst the other had ham and a honey mayo. Perfectly delicious, warm enough to settle our stomachs. Sitting cradled in the heart of the valley taking in nature's air, made for enough time to absorb the day's events. If you are in for a thrill of adventure not so far from the Bay, I think Adrenalin Addo has just what you need. So many treasures hidden within the Nelson Mandela Bay, this was a priceless adventure that definitely is worth a return trip.
Come find your Adrenaline in the heart of Addo. #ShareTheBay

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