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  • 08 November 2017 | By Anje Rautenbach

Let’s be honest; a dog is not just a pet but it is part of the family. Same goes for cats, Paulie the parrot, Harry the hamster and Gertjie the goldfish. And while it’s not possible to take them all for a walk (or a swim or a spin), your four-legged furry doggy friends definitely deserve to join their humans for a few adventures in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Luckily not all restaurants and parks are against four-legged companions and there are numerous pet-friendly spots in Nelson Mandela Bay that will have your dogs’ tails wagging with excitement.

Here are a few spots in the Bay to visit with your dog but please take note that some restaurants and establishments require patrons and their pups to make arrangements prior to arrival and that others only allow small dogs. Rule of thumb is that your dog should preferably be well-behaved, polite, non-aggressive and sociable, you know your dog best and if the destination will suit your dog’s personality. Please remember that your dog should always be on a leash, carry bags with you to pick up after your dog, be courteous of other guests and be aware of your dog at all times.


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Grab a bite with your pooch

Savages: Fine dining is not only for humans; treat your dog to the wonderful atmosphere of Savages and treat yourself with delicious treats.

Friendly Stranger: What brings more comfort that you dog is welcome at a restaurant than a review that states, “I also especially like that they're unashamedly dog friendly - so nice to take my Westie out to a friendly place with great food!”

There are more pet-friendly restaurants in and around Nelson Mandela Bay. Why don’t you comment below and tell us a few of your favourites.


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Go camping

Pearson Park Resort:  Head to the banks of the Sundays River and set up camp at the watersport mecca of the Bay where you can swim, sandboard, fish, canoe and more. Only small dogs are allowed with prior arrangement.

Any other spots in the Bay where one can go camping with a dog?

Visit a park

St Georges Park: Take your dogs to Port Elizabeth’s oldest park for a stroll between the carefully manicured gardens and walkways. The park is also wheelchair-friendly.

What other parks in Nelson Mandela Bay is on your dog’s list of favourite places?


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Take a hike

Sacramento Trail: The 8km Sacramento Trail - which offers grand views and scenery – is a favourite for many dog walkers. Be extra cautious for snakes on hot days, keep your pup hydrated and on a leash.

Dog’s day out

Sherwood Garden Centre:  Give your dog some flower power when visiting Sherwood Garden Centre where you’ll find a large variety of plants and gifts, a kiddies play park and Tea Garden.


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Beach: Due to the fact that some of the Bay’s coastal areas are part of a nature reserve or acts as a breeding ground for endangered species, there are very strict rules regarding dogs on beaches. Dogs must be on leashes at all times in public areas, you must clean up after your dogs and they can only be permitted at the following beaches:

St. Georges Strand area – outside bathing area only
Wells Estate area – back of dune areas & cycle way only
Blue Water Bay car park area – outside bathing area only
Swartkops River Mouth & Beach Area – whole area
Brighton Beach – from Swartkops River Mouth to Pier
Kings Beach – Grassed Areas only
Pollock Beach – Grassed Area only
Pipe to Flatrock Area – Beach and Grassed Areas
Maitlands Sea – Outside bathing area only, excluding dune sands.

Spend the night

If you're visiting Nelson Mandela Bay with your four-legged best friend, don't fear, you'll have a variety of accommodation establishments to choose from. Visit or to see their listings or simply go to a search engine for lodging reservations and use the "pet-friendly" filter.

Have you stayed over in the Bay with your dog? Let us know where!

Do you and your dog have anything to add?

Let us know if we’ve missed the spot where you go to have some doggy-and-me time.

Don’t miss out on this event!


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